October 17th 2023
Hotel At Six - Stockholm


Integrity360's flagship conference Security First comes to Stockholm in 2023!
Join leading cybersecurity experts from across the community as we explore the latest threats and industry trends, and learn practical strategies to safeguard your organisation.
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The content of this cyber security conference is relevant to organisations across all industry sectors and is designed to meet the needs of those who have responsibility for managing:

  • Cyber Security
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • IT Operations
  • Digital Transformation


From Ransomware to the cost of living crisis, businesses are facing an unprecedented number of cyber threats. Join us at Integrity 360’s Security First Conference and discover the Power of Visibility, hear from industry-leading experts and build your network.

  • Thought leadership & strategic insights from Integrity360 industry experts
  • Open discussions about the challenges faced by cyber security professionals like you
  • Opportunity to network & learn from like-minded cyber security professionals facing similar threats
  • Practical, real-world insights from the frontlines with actionable takeaways
  • Interactive demo labs from cutting-edge security vendors


Registration & Welcome breakfast
Unveiling a New Era: Netsecure & Integrity360 Merger — Expanding Horizons & Expertise for Swedish Clients


Join Integrity360 Sweden's CEO Jan Lindbolm deliver his opening remarks, as he sets the stage for a groundbreaking shift in our company landscape. Dive into the backstory of Netsecure and discover the compelling reasons for the merger with Integrity360. Learn how this strategic union will not only diversify Integrity360’s product offerings but also bring unparalleled expertise to our Swedish client base. Witness the dawn of an exciting new chapter for everyone involved.


Jan Lindblom, CEO, Intergrity360 Sweden

Gaining Visibility in an Always-on World

One of the vital elements of cyber security visibility is detecting threat activity. Yet in this all-on world, where we’ve upped the pace, transformed ourselves digitally and migrated to the cloud, our threat detection strategy hasn’t always kept up. In this session we’ll take a look at how we can gain the threat visibility we need pre, peri & post incident, the technology innovations to take advantage of and, importantly, the processes needed to embed effective threat monitoring, detection and response within your organisation.


Richard Ford, CTO, Integrity360

Cloudy with a Chance of Compromise


Whilst the cloud has brought enormous benefits, it also comes with new risks and exposures not as acute with more traditional on-premise IT models. In this session, Brian Martin unpacks what we all need to consider when thinking about cloud security, the major security threats and challenges that the cloud presents, and how best to go about mitigating these in an effective and economical manner.


Brian Martin, Director of Product Management, Integrity360

Coffee Break with Vendor Demo Labs

Demo Lab 1: 10:30 – 10:45 - Fortinet



Unlocking Security Insights: External Pentesting and Mastering Your Attack Surface

Integrity360's Måns Blacker will unveil the vital role of External Pentesting and Red Teaming in enhancing SOC visibility—limitations and all. Explore why embedding a pentest should be a staple in your annual security strategy using a real-world example, with a look at some of the essential tools you ed to elevate your security posture.


Måns Blacker, Cyber Security Testing Team Leader,  Intergrity360 Sweden

Security that drives your business forward

Marie Berner Moberg, Regional Director, Nordics, Rapid7

Magnus Jansson, Senior Security Solution Engineer, Rapid7

Clearing the fog of the unknown in your environment, an incident response approach

Join Patrick Wragg, Head of Incident Response at Integrity360, as he guides you through the world of cyber security threats and help you understand the best strategies to stay ahead of threat actors. With years of experience in the field, Patrick will share invaluable insights on how to think with an attacker's mindset and identify potential boogeymen lurking inside your company.


Patrick Wragg, Head of Incident Response, Integrity360

Lunch Break and Vendor Demo Labs

Demo Lab 2: 12:35 – 12:50 - Rapid7
Demo Lab 3: 12:50 – 13:05 - Fortinet


Want to gain external visibility? - What do the more questionable parts of the Internet see, say and do aimed at your organization?

What in our organization is exposed to the world? Does the transition Cloud and its endless possibilities open for loss of control? Have any of our sensitive or critical data perhaps already been stolen and is now for sale on the Darknet? Martin Johansson from Fortinet will guide us trough what is possible with Digital Risk Management and External Attack Surface Management.


Martin Johansson, System Engineer, Fortinet

Panel Discussion: Threat & Exposure Visibility

Martin Johansson, System Engineer, Fortinet
Magnus Jansson, Senior Security Solution Engineer, Rapid7
Ellis Reed, Solution Architect, Integrity360

Afternoon Refreshment Break

Demo Lab 4: 15:05 – 15:20 - Rapid7


From the eyes of the analyst: Explore the possibilities with 24/7 SOC

Bridge the gap between military-grade cyber security and enterprise SOCs, drawing from the presenter Emil Olofsson’s unique background in Swedish military cyber red & blue teaming. As a SOC Analyst, we'll share generic and real-life examples to highlight the role of visibility within the SOC, and how it is enriched by EDR, SIEM & Email Protection tools. Discover the tangible benefits a SOC service brings to our clients and elevate your cyber security game.

Emil Olofsson, SOC Analyst, Intergrity360 Sweden

Client Case Study: Revolutionising Alleima’s Legacy: A 160-Year-Old Startup's Transformation Journey with Netsecure & Integrity360

Explore the awe-inspiring transformation of a 160-year-old startup, Alleima. Discover how it went from specialising in medical appliances, from its iron & steel roots to becoming a digital powerhouse today. This client case study delivered by Alleima’s Robert Wennberg showcases their history—starting with the founder's patent to their modern initiatives for reducing coal levels. To diving deep into how they are leveraging Netsecure's expertise, adapting to change, and eagerly looking forward to the new horizons opened by the merger with Integrity360. Witness a real-world example of how an old firm successfully navigates the digital era. 


Robert Wennberg, Head of Digital Security and Compliance, Alleima

Conference Closing Remarks

Jan Lindblom, CEO, Integrity360 Sweden

Richard Ford, CTO, Integrity360

Complimentary Drink's Reception


Jan Lindblom
CEO of Netsecure Sweden AB
Richard Ford
Chief Technical Officer, Integrity360
Måns Blacker
Cyber Security Testing Team Leader, Netsecure
Brian Martin
Director of Product Management, Integrity360
Emil Olofsson
SOC Analyst, Netsecure
Patrick Wragg
Head of Incident Response, Integrity360
Johanna Samuelson
Event moderator
Robert Wennberg
Head of Digital Security and Compliance, Alleima
Martin Johansson
System Engineer, Fortinet
Magnus Jansson
Senior Security Solution Engineer, Rapid7
Marie Berner Moberg
Regional Director, Nordics, Rapid7



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Impressive range of speakers - from very high strategy/ culture to technological/ tactical, clear presentations throughout!

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An excellent day. Great topics. Quality speakers. Organisers did a great job here. A perfect mix of strategy, architecture, budgets, frameworks, solutions and case studies. The cherry on top was the erudite Scotsman Sir Alex Younger who even quoted Robert Burns and entertained with his colourful past, as well as educated us with the challenges ahead. 11 out of 10.

left-quote Created with Sketch.

Excellent event content & location. Looking forward to more at the Aviva in Dublin next week!

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Thank you so much for organising the event. I’m actually going to the Dublin summit as well – so see you there!

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5 out of 5

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Really enjoyed the day, had particular praise for Brian Martin's presentation.




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