Covid-19 Useful Services & Resources

With the advancement of Covid-19 in recent months, cyber security teams have been introduced to an additional challenge of mobilising entire workforces securely, in a very short space of time. On top of that, they also have to deal with heightened threats which have appeared in the form of new Covid-19 malware, phishing campaigns and DDoS attacks, as well as continuing their existing cyber security enhancement projects and BAU activities.

We understand that this is difficult to juggle for any business and we aim to support our clients in any way possible during this time with advisory webinars, resources and services. 


We are assisting many of our clients with a number of core services during this unprecedented time which are highlighted below. 

  • VPN Health Check
  • Remote Access Technical Design
  • Remote Access Review
  • Active Directory Audit
  • SOC Response Team
  • Technical Support Services (TSS)
  • User Awareness Training
  • Phishing Simulation (Covid-19 Specific)
  • External Network Penetration Test
  • VPN Configuration Review
  • Laptop Build Review

Remote Working Solutions

Integrity360 partners with some of the world’s leading cyber security vendors. Many of these providers have offered advice to businesses on how best to protect their mobile workforce during this unprecedented time.

We’ve compiled a number of solution offerings from these industry leading providers that can solve challenges of remote working in a secure environment. These include Check Point, Fortinet, RSA, F5, Forcepoint, Cisco and Vectra.

We remind our clients to continue to follow your existing security guidelines during this time and ensure that no solutions or changes are implemented without adequate considerations to their impact on your environment.

We invite you to get in touch if you require assistance of any kind in keeping your business secure. Our specialist team are available to discuss your requirements if you require assistance or advice.

Above all else, we are offering guidance and advice in whatever way we can so please feel free to reach out on any areas of concern and our team can advise accordingly.

Covid-19 Q&A Form - Ask our specialists for advice

We welcome you to submit your questions in the form below about challenges your face in managing your business' cyber security requirements during this evolving situation.

Our panel of Integrity360 specialists will respond directly to you with guidance and suggestions. We'll also share any relevant information on this Q&A page to help you and others. Please submit your question in our Q&A form and we will be back in touch directly with a response.


Covid-19 Resources

Download our Covid-19 Resources Guide which includes useful links, resources and our practical services offerings.


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