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 21st March 2024
8 Northumberland Avenue, London

Integrity360's conference series Security First is back in London this year!
We bring together the cyber security industry to discuss the latest threat landscape developments and industry insights, and offer actionable advice on how to protect your organisation from the most prevalent cyber threats in 2024.





We are excited to announce that  Louis Theroux  will be gracing our Security First London conference as the keynote speaker. 

Acclaimed documentary-maker, producer, and writer - Louis's unique style of investigation has looked into everything from celebrities to the US prison system, to far-right groups.


The content of this cyber security conference is relevant to organisations across all industry sectors and is designed to meet the needs of those who have responsibility for managing:

  • Cyber Security
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • IT Operations
  • Digital Transformation


From cyber resilience to the threats and benefits of AI, businesses are facing an unprecedented number of cyber threats. Join us at Integrity 360’s Security First Conference and discover the Power of Visibility, hear from industry-leading experts and build your network.

  • Thought leadership & strategic insights from Integrity360 industry experts
  • Open discussions about the challenges faced by cyber security professionals like you
  • Opportunity to network & learn from like-minded cyber security professionals facing similar threats
  • Practical, real-world insights from the frontlines with actionable takeaways
  • 15+ Interactive demo labs from cutting-edge security vendors

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Registration Breakfast
Welcome by Host

Johanna Samuelson

Talking Exposure - why is it this year's hot topic?

In his opening talk, Richard Ford, CTO of Integrity360, sets the scene on 'exposure' in cyber security, delving into why it has grown in importance over the past year and why it will continue to be in 2024 and beyond. He addresses the growing 'problem' of digital vulnerabilities, highlighting recent challenges, especially in AI, and how they shape the current cybersecurity landscape.


Richard Ford, CTO, Integrity360

Don't Expose Yourself - A Modern Approach

The amount of newly discovered vulnerabilities increases exponentially each year, and most organisations struggle to keep on top of them, never mind addressing the wider exposures present across the increasing attack surface of cloud, remote and hybrid working, identities, new AI threats, and beyond. Clearly a better approach is needed.


In his talk “Don’t Expose yourself – A Modern Approach”, Brian Martin describes the challenges inherent in this whole cybersecurity category, and presents modern approaches to addressing vulnerabilities and exposures, understanding the attack surface and attack paths to help prioritise remediation, and how to ensure exposures are monitored and addressed as part of a continuous process. You will take away an improved understanding of how to think about this critical risk area and the steps to take to mobilise your organisation against it.


Brian Martin, Director of Product Management, Integrity360


Talk by Fortinet
Coffee Break & Demo Lab
Stats, Facts, and Proactive Defence Strategies against Ransomware

Join Integrity360's Head of Incident Response, Patrick Wragg, and CTO, Richard Ford, as they delve into the evolving world of ransomware. They'll present vital statistics, discuss how tactics are changing, and introduce proactive defence strategies designed to protect businesses. This talk is essential for understanding and mitigating the risk of ransomware attacks in 2024 and beyond.


Patrick Wragg, Head of Incident Response, Integrity360

Richard Ford, CTO, Integrity360

Panel session: Elevating cyber security through Managed Detection and Response

This roundtable dissects the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) ecosystem, traversing from entry-level offerings to comprehensive services. Experts debate the nuances between reseller and vendor roles in MDR. The discussion aims to demystify MDR acronyms and elucidate the strategic importance of MDR solutions in enhancing cyber security posture for organisations of all sizes.


Nick Brownrigg, Director of Solutions Architecture, Integrity360

Talk by Darktrace
Lunch break & Demo Labs
Client case study with xm cyber

Our valued client IQUW will be joining trusted partners XM Cyber on the stage for a live case study!

Talk by Checkpoint
Refreshment Break & Demo Lab
Panel Session: Balancing Compliance and Security

Experts discuss the evolving relevance of compliance standards and the role of CISOs in today's security landscape

Exclusive Q&A with Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux brings his unique perspective to the forefront of cyber security, sharing insights into the human behaviours that shape our digital landscape. Joining him on the stage is Integrity360's Matt Tomlinson to ask the questions we all want to ask - From the motivations behind hacking to the ethical quandaries of AI, Louis will explore the most pressing issues in today's tech world.


Louis Theroux

Closing Remarks

Johanna Samuelson

Drinks Reception

Our Speakers

Johanna Samuelson
Event Moderator
Richard Ford
Chief Technical Officer, Integrity360
Brian Martin
Director of Product Management, Integrity360
Patrick Wragg
Head of Incident Response, Integrity360
Nick Brownrigg
Head of Solutions Architecture, Integrity360
Louis Theroux
Keynote Speaker




Within a 3-minute walk from Trafalgar Square, the venue is accessible and easy to reach by all transport means.

8 Northumberland Avenue

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