Guide to 2021: What's Next In Cyber Security

Stay ahead of the latest industry developments, advancements and threats from 2020 and understand how you can best protect your organisation in 2021.

If technology has been evolving faster and faster each year, then certainly no single year has seen as much technological upheaval as we saw in 2020.

While organisations have opened their networks to allow their teams to work from home, hackers, threat actors, and cybercriminals adapted their tactics, techniques, and procedures to stay one step ahead, circumventing security strategies and causing a banner year for data breaches, phishing attempts, malware and ransomware attacks, and security challenges.


What's In The Guide

  • Challenges and highlights from 2020
  • A focus on regulation frameworks
  • Straight from the Industry Leaders - 7 things to consider for 2021
  • Notable industry publications
  • Top reported security breaches of 2020
  • Noteworthy ransomware and malware in 2020

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