On-demand webinar from June 28th

Cyber security Game Changers: Utilising the Power of MDR & SOAR

See MDR in Action with Integrity360‘s Director of Solution Architecture Nick Brownrigg

Discover the power of advanced cyber security measures to protect your business from ransomware and other cyber threats in our upcoming webinar.

Join Nick Brownrigg for an enlightening webinar where he will discuss the significance of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) services in defending your business.

Why attend?

  • Discover how these cutting-edge technologies offer real-time threat detection, automate security tasks, and enhance incident response.
  • Understand how integrating MDR and SOAR can reduce the risks and impact of cyber-attacks on your business.
  • Learn how you can strengthen your first line of defence against ransomware and to ensure the continuity of your operations.