Live Webinar

TrapX - Putting the ACTIVE in Active Defense: How to Build a Living, Active Defense Platform



Last year, MITRE expanded their global knowledge base, MITRE ATT&CK, with a complimentary framework for actively engaging attackers. MITRE Shield features 34 active defense techniques mapped to ATT&CK techniques. This was a breakthrough for Deception, which currently comprises about a third of the techniques in the framework. A recent CSO article predicts that MITRE Shield will play a major role in the surge of Deception adoption in 2021.

Together MITRE ATT&CK and Shield frameworks are powerful, but complex. Integrating them into an actionable platform is daunting – until now. In this live session, we’ll debut the industry’s first Active Defense Scorecard with real-time non-disruptive Deception testing against ATT&CK techniques. During this session, our speakers will discuss and demonstrate how organizations can leverage Deception technology to take advantage of MITRE Shield via:

  • MITRE Shield and ATT&CK Technique Mapping
  • Decoy Testing and Validation
  • Active Defense Scorecards
  • ATT&CK and Shield Activation


  • Steve Preston | SVP, Strategy & Growth
  • Louis Smith | Head of Global Sales Engineering