Fortinet Cyber Heist
Virtual Event 2021





How do you manage risk as an organisation? Are you prepared for a Cyber Attack? How can your organisation manage a Cyber Crisis? Have you considered the impact of a Cyber Breach?

Join Fortinet for their virtual event Cyber Heist 2021 on Thursday, 23rd September at 4pm to hear insights about crisis management and negotiation techniques which can assist your organisation in the event of a cyber breach.

Learn how establishing a Zero Trust approach can help prevent such a breach from ever happening, and how a building block approach to Zero Trust implementation can help you make this possible.

The speakers include:

  • Chris Parker, Crisis Management, MBA - Director, Major Accounts at Fortinet
  • Richard Mullender, Communications Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator, a Former Lead Trainer at the National Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Unit at Scotland Yard, discusses the importance of active listening during negotiation.